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…or my pregnancy exercise… routine?

me, trail running in early autumn 2013... this is pre-Nut, but gives a visual of my usual trail.

Me, trail running in early autumn 2013… this is pre-Nut, but gives a visual of my usual trail.


Unknown gender baby nickname = Nut.

Exercising whilst pregnant = Nutzercising.

And routine? Well, I do something weekly, usually 2-4 dedicated days, so kind of routine.

This blog began as a quest to run a race a year, and we haven’t stopped talking about running since.  Sure we changed from roads to trails, 5ks to mountain 25ks, and Nike to Altra Lone Peaks, but pregnant running trail running isn’t necessarily a topic I thought a lot about covering until, well it happened.

Since I ran and worked out prior to pregnancy (high impact interval training), it was more than ok for me to continue these routines (obligatory ask your Dr. or Midwife before beginning any pregnancy exercise routine).  My running was light trail running usually 30-50 minutes, and 20-50 minutes of aerobic/anaerobic HIIT training & resistance training.  This was what I knew, so this is what I continued to do.  I will break it down by trimester to give you a more accurate picture.

1st Trimester:  I didn’t run much in this trimester.  It was summer, I was hot, and so so tired.  First trimester exhaustion is no joke.  Running would put me out of commission for the rest of the day.  During the first 3 months I did Turbo Fire with no modifications.  I had no belly, wasn’t sick, and therefore, there was no need to adjust the intensity of these activities.  I would alter resistance training with aerobic workouts, and every so often threw in a HIIT (anaerobic) workout.  I probably averaged 3 workouts most weeks.  I probably ran trails 2-3 times total in those 3 months.

2nd Trimester:  Ahhh the glorious 2nd trimester.  This is where I returned to trail running <3.  It started with hiking hills, and running the flatter parts of Hard’ack.  Gradually I worked up to running for 30 minutes (still walking some hills).  At the end of the 2nd trimester (pretty much right now) I am up to 45 minutes (2 loops) walking when I need to.  I run one day a week on Saturdays.  Jon trots with me :)  On other days I do Turbo Jam, which is less impact and slightly slower than Fire.  I find it still raises my heart rate, and I get a good sweat.  I usually do Turbo Jam 2-4 times a week.  So far, I feel amazing, and I plan on continuing Nutzercising into my 3rd trimester.

3rd Trimester:  All I can do is project right now, so I would like to trail run or hike 1 day a week for as long as I can.  I am also beginning to take more walks with Arlo (although it is getting colder).  I will continue Turbo as long as it feels good.  I’ve begun adding some gentle prenatal yoga, as I find it really calms me and improves my flexibility (super important for delivery!!).

So there you have it, my pregnancy exercise routine.  I have felt great for the vast majority of my pregnancy.  I know that exercise has played a part in that, as well as helped my mood.  My advise is move.  Go for a walk, play with your dog, just move.  And when you “just can’t” find someone to kick you into gear (and trot/waddle with you… and be nice enough to call it trail “running”)… Thanks Jon <3

~run wild~ even with a belly


And Around the Bend…:When Things (Continually) Become Real

This past week we got to visit the birthing floor of The UVM Medical Center, seeing rooms, the NICU, and the post-pardum rooms…and that is when another level of “real” started to sink in. Just when I think “Wow, this is really going to freakin’ happen!” and I think that I have truly felt the future impinging on me—like the future is an actual thing out there around some bend in the road but the bend is way out there, further away. It is just when this occurs that something new happens, some new experience explodes into existence and surpasses everything prior—it could be unexpected like when you’re watching a movie or tv show and start getting choked up about the on screen relationship; or it could be wholly expected, like when you visit the birthing rooms and see where you son or daughter is going to arrive into the world.


It is these instances, these moments when life, mortality, love, connection become so incredibly clear, so seemingly tangible and yet so fleetingly indescribable. They drift through my mind, float into my very being and yet I am incapable of actually recounting them. I feel like I am cresting and descending wave after wave, only to see one huge wave in the distance that will inevitably give way to another and another. That is the blessing and the curse of the human experience: we are continually inundated with “the new” and we must adapt, change, become more than we are now in order to move forward. Who will I become? What will I do? Where will we go? and around the bend……is me; only different; changed, but hopefully better because I will have experienced an irrevocably monumental future that is, everyday, coming closer.

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