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one month


the fact that life will not be the same in about one month is wonderfully exciting and at the same time utterly terrifying.  Everyone who has done this before us has had these feelings whether or not they are willing to verbalize them.  I know that for the past 30+ years my life has always been in flux, and constant change, but this, this is entirely different.  That being said, I will not ignore that there is a certain mourning of a life about to pass, but wouldn’t change it for the new life… our “little family” around the bend.

Keep us in mind these next few weeks, and come back for a little Nut introduction and Nut Nook reveal!


Shakey Graves: Americana, With Some Bite

A friend recommended Shakey Graves to me a few months back and then, serendipitously, Katie and I were driving home and heard the tail end of “Dearly Departed.” I didn’t know who it was, but we remembered the lyrics:

You and I both know that the house is haunted
And you and I both know that the ghost is me

We looked them up when we got home and that was enough to get us hooked. Then I found the album And the War Came on Bandcamp and I’ve been listening to it on repeat. Alejandro Rose-Garcia (i.e., “Shakey Graves”) has a beautiful gravel in his voice, a sound that translates well across a diverse mix of styles. The harder “The Perfect Parts” captures the gravel as a growl; the single “Dearly Departed” offers it up in a melody with Esmé Patterson; then there is a waltz (a waltz!) called “Pansy Waltz” that is simply beautiful. In any guise, Rose-Garcia seems to take whichever style he likes and tweakß it ever so slightly to match his acoustic guitar playing. The alt-blues/alt-country/americana sound is one that fits our musical tastes nicely. The album is soothing, food stomping, stuck-in-your-head humming music and we love it.

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