The inaugural post

by nomeatbarefeet

Here is who we are and here is what we are trying to do:

We are Jon and Katie Auyer, and we are on a mission to run at least one race every month for a year. By race we mean basically anything and everything. 5k. 10k. Trail runs. 4 milers. 6×1 mile relay. Crazy mud-splattered-beer-at-the-finish-military-style-rebel-race. Etc.

Both of us have become frustrated with the heel-striking, NASA engineered, super cushy, foam inserted and spring loaded, stability controlled, anti-pronate, technological marvel that is…the modern running shoe. Too many injuries and failed attempts at longer runs forced us to research minimalist running. What has followed can only be described as an obsession with Vibram Five Fingers (VFF).

By chance we also happen to be vegetarian.

Long story short this is what the blog with consist of: our triumphs; our road blocks; the joy, and frustration, that comes from running; and fueling our barefoot-selves without animal protein.

(Constructive criticism is welcome. Making fun of our Five Fingers is not.)