Katie: The Parker Come-Back

by nomeatbarefeet

After my disappointment of not being able to run the parker 5k in VFF’s, I decided today was the day to do it.  Jon and I ran Parker again this morning (approximately a 5k).   I wore my KSO’s, and although it felt so much better than running in Nikes, I did almost bite it… 4 times.  Each time my toe caught something I could not see amidst the still fallen leaves from last Autumn.  This has led me to come up with the Katie Auyer trail rating scale and it goes a little something like this:

The Auyer Trail Rating Scale

Tiny rocks are barely felt underfoot, which leaves you feeling invincible in your VFF’s – five toes

Little tiny twigs that find ways through your toes and/or jab the bottom of your VFF’s – four toes

Baseball sized rocks with pointed edges that you must dart around and occasionally step on – three toes

Roots of all shapes and sizes that catch your toe and send your falling forward hoping you don’t face plant on a rock – two toes

Any trail that combines all 4 of the above – one toe

Now you are thinking, why would one toe be the “hardest” kind of trail.  I will tell you, because that’s all you might have left after running those types of trails.

And now to rate my first trail

Parker School Trail = one toe rating

Ok, in all seriousness, it is not scary to run trails in VFFs or any minimalist shoe for that matter.  I felt more secure than in my Nikes, my feet instantly adjusted to the ground under me.  I never felt like I would roll an ankle, something I did do in Nikes on this very trial.  Tomorrow we will run the Pinebush trail (see how good I am doing at meeting my goals?) and I will run it in my new Merrell Pace Glove.  

Pinebush trail rating and commentary on the Pace Glove coming soon!


katie at parker (one toe rated trail)

PS: Look at what came in the mail today!!