Spring Run Off 10k…or, dueling Bikilas

by nomeatbarefeet

So Katie and I ran our first 10k race this past weekend—the St John/St Ann Spring Run Off 10k—and what better way to go into it than for us both to wear a pair of VFF Bikilas. But these VFFs were not your ordinary colors…they were the craziest colors Vibram has.

The day turned out to be gorgeous (sunny and in the 50’s). The race started a little after 8:30am due to some flooding, so the course (which was along the Hudson bike path at the Corning Preserve) was a tenth of a mile more than a 10k. The field was relatively small, which was nice—the start was not too crowded, and the pack thinned out rather quickly, though at times we both took to running along the sides of the path.


I thought that this was one of the better races that I have run for two reasons: first, I was able to maintain a decent pace (roughly 8:01) for 6 miles despite the fact that my first mile was up in the 9:20’s, which meant that

I kicked it up for the rest of the race; second, I felt great afterwards!—no IT pain, no knee pain, only the usual foot soreness that I am get you to from running barefoot. It was great to come down the final straight away, only myself running, and see the finish line with the clock under 50 minutes. I can only hope that as our races get longer and longer that I can maintain my endurance and injury free running.


My first attempt at my dream distance, the distance I am most interested in running and how did it end… with me in tears.  Not for injury or soreness, but for the fact that as I passed Jon cheering for me on the side lines, and I glanced at the master clock.  It said 59:05.  I had 55 seconds to make it in under an hour.  When I changed over to barefoot/minimalist running, I came to a realization (see earlier posts) that I had to let go of my running shoe-shod times.  I would probably run more than a 9/9:30 mile.  But here, at my

first 10k, I realized that with time I can be just as fast as I was before.  My mile split was 9:33.  So I cried.  I cried because I ran just as fast as I have before (maybe even faster).  I cried because I did it in minimalist shoes, and I cried because I always have a cheering section (albeit) small at the end of my races.

ps- I did all of this running on plants 🙂