From where do we get our recipes? Why thank you for asking.

by nomeatbarefeet

Let me continue this trend of “no meat” posts! We have been so focused on the “bare feet” aspect of the blog that we have neglected the whole other reason we started this blog in the first place: to journal our lives as vegetarians and the food that we discover on our journey.

Here is an incomplete, though quite essential, list of the cookbooks that we gather our recipes from. Both us love to cook, and we love to explore new tastes and new ideas in our cooking (though, of course, we have our set of “standards” that we fall back on).

First off is A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen

Next is a great book we got from Mama A, Laurel’s Kitchen.

Third we have a really good vegan cookbook, Vegan with a Vengance.

Finally, we cannot talk about great cookbooks without talking about the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que cookbook. Now, it might seem very odd for a pair of vegetarians to not only rave about a blatantly pro-meat cookbook but to also rave about eating at a place that is all-things-meat. But let me say that we could survive on their sides alone! But if you are a meat eater you should know that they make the best bar-b-que and ribs you will ever have. Do not pass it up if you happen to travel to Rochester, Syracuse or Troy.

(Now, what sucks is that if you go out to eat here, the sides available at the Troy location do not include one of our favorites, the Mac Salad, which you can get at the Rochester or the Syracuse location. Regardless, it is easy to make at home and will make tons of leftovers to tide you over for a few days.)