Sometimes ya just crave a giant salad

by nomeatbarefeet

So we decided to make a massive mexican inspired salad with: romaine & iceberg lettuce; seasoned black beans; avacado; grape tomatoes; cilantro; black olives; cheddar cheese; and topped with a homemade Dinosaur Bar-b-que Buttermilk Ranch Dressing (see cookbook). It really hit the spot, especially when we paired it with a Corona.

I know there are many who scoff at “just having a salad” for dinner, but to be honest it was exactly what we were looking for. Not only because the dressing is delicious (though this time it was a bit sweeter than usual—I think because we used Veganaise last time), but because even as vegetarians we do not always have the amount of green on our plates as we should. Often its covered or baked or seasoned or fried or something