A break

by nomeatbarefeet

Katie and I get a break from racing until the Rebel Race on June 11th. That means we can work on running trails. For me (Jon), it seems as though I might have bruised the second metatarsal on my right foot so I taken almost a week off to rest it. It feels good now Now the left foot is a bit twingy. I think I might have been doing too much to fast, though the change to the left foot has occurred after a week off. I am not sure what’s going on, but I hope to have things straightened out by the Rebel Race cause there is no way that I am missing that!

Anyways, I registered us for a bunch of races this week.

  • 17th Indian Ladder 15K Trail Run will be a great trail run up at Thatcher Park. We are trying to up our time on the trails, and this one will be tons of fun. Not to mention the Hudson Mohawk Road Runner picnic afterwards! Delicious.
  • The Dynamic Duo race is a neat little race in Latham. As far as I can tell the guy runs 3 miles and then hands off to the girl who runs for 3 miles. Should be fun, and for $10 its a steal.
  • The Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon at Thatcher Park. Nothing like a crazy race with gorillas to really get you moving. Plus, we can tick off a trail half marathon from our list of things to do
  • Also, Katie signed up for Freihofer’s Run for Women 5k. That should be a really fun run for her to do by herself…with about 4,000 other women. Plus, she can run streets that she knows and does not have to go very far.