Don’t be the first to leave a party

by nomeatbarefeet

Katie here…

As noted on the race results page, I won my age group at the Cherry Blossom 5k.  Because of the torrential downpour my first words uttered to Jon upon completion were “Can we just go?”  Now this was not a chip-timed race (this was “old school” tear part of your bib off and hand it to someone in the chute), so I was clueless to my results in realtion to others.   I only  had a glance at the clock when crossing the finish line.  We were soaked.  You would have had a hard time telling if I had just run a 5k in the rain, or jumped into a pool in my clothes.  It rained so hard that water ran INTO my ear and drown out the sound of my iPod so much, that I thought it was broken.  I was miserable and led the charge to the car.

A week later, I discovered I had won my age group.  A year ago, this would never have seemed possible.  It still isn’t a goal, or what I set out to do.  It was an unexpected awesome part of my journey.  I missed the celebration and award because I didn’t want to stand in the rain anymore.  This may be the only time I ever win an age group and I missed it.  Moral of the story…. don’t leave the party early, you just might be a part of the celebration!