Running in Vermont—I thought it was colder up here?

Well, Katie and I went up to Vermont for nephew Elliot’s birthday extravaganza weekend and managed to get a run in. We had hoped to get in a couple runs but due to the heat and, ironically, crazy thunderstorms we only managed one. I had thought that Vermont was supposed to be somewhat cooler, what with its being almost Canada, but the weather was quite hot and humid. Nevertheless, we strapped on out Bikilas and headed out for a run down* Old Stage Rd.

*There was not much heading “down” on this out-and-back run since we had to cut the run short due to a perpetual hill that drained our energy.

We saw some beautiful scenery along our run, including large amounts of ducks, pigs, and turkeys, a few dogs, a cat, and two angry guinea hens (one of which tried to race or attack us, I am not sure which). The aforementioned hill loomed ahead of us at our half-way point, and just did not seem to end. I know now that the end of Old Stage Rd was a lot closer than I thought, and if we had continued we probably would have hit it around another bend or two. We headed back to some welcome cloud cover, and finished feeling really good. Of course we then had to walk the quarter mile up the driveway, but what do you expect? Its Vermont in the country.

The run was, despite the heat, great: our legs felt good, we were able to stay hydrated, no one cramped, and we were able to chat. I cannot wait for our Vermont Downtown 10k in September, which will hopefully bring cooler weather but no lack of charm and fun.