What I have learned from “Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall

by nomeatbarefeet

1. If you can’t see the top… walk.

2. Perhaps Homo sapiens did evolve to run.  I have a degree in Anthropology, and I found the chapter on the specialized skeleton of the Homo sapiens so fascinating, and thought the theory pretty logically sound.

3. Run like a Kalahari Bushman.  Your feet should be under you, your stride short, and you should land on your mid/forefoot (not that I would heel strike in Bakila’s anyway) with your toes sweeping back.

4. You can trail run as a vegetarian, and hell, you can do Ultra’s as a vegan, as Scott Jurek is living proof (he ran Badwater, a 100+ mile 100+ degree race through Death Valley, collapsed for 10 minutes, then got up and smashed the course record)

5. The Tarahumara really do have running figured out.  It should bring people together, it should be fun, it is an expression of what it means to be human.  Most importantly, it should be done with a smile, or you are doing it wrong.

This book as actually showed me more about running then I can post here.  I recommend you pick it up and read it, especially if you find no joy in your running, have been injured running, or simply want a well crafted story about the people on the fringes of trail running.

I wonder what spirt animal name Caballo Blanco would give me?