a thought on complete proteins

by nomeatbarefeet

~#1 question asked of vegetarians… “how do you get enough protein” 

~undoubtedly the most annoying question as well.  

It is very easy.  I recently stumbled upon this website

http://www.bodyforlife2.com/incompletprotein.htm  (*edit: found out this link is dead. instead, try this one: http://www.simply-vegetarian.com/complete_protein.html; or, look here for an in-depth list of the protein count in lots of different foods.)

This shows you which foods can be eaten together to form a complete protein.  A complete protein has all 9 essential amino acids that are found in meat/dairy.

Now heres the huge truth bomb… they don’t even have to be eaten together (at the same meal).  If I eat chickpeas in one meal, and a sesame seed bun at the next, my body will make a complete protein from the amino acids in both.  So really for vegetarians and omnivores, your body is always making complete proteins from incomplete ones, eaten through out the day.  Meaning omnivores are likely over-proteining (my new word).

So if you are an omnivore stop asking your vegetarian friends, foes, aunts, old roommates,  neighbors, and weird kid next to you on a plane about protein.  If you have a varied diet, you will make enough protein.  Your body is a amazing machine!