The Colonie Mile

by nomeatbarefeet

Katie and I haven been taking a break from our longer races until we run the Indian Ladder 15k at the end of July. But until then there are a number of track events, sponsored by Hudson Mohawk Road Runners (HMRR). The first one is The Colonie Mile. This was to be an unusual race for us since neither of us have really run a timed mile. All of our mile-splits have come in the midst of longer (i.e., longer than 1 mile) races. So it was to be an interesting time as we got to the South Colonie track, stretched, and set out for a warm-up run.

The mile was part of the Summer Track Series, and the heats were divided up starting with <5:00 and then <5:30-<6:30. I had run a 6:16 during the Father’s Day 5k but I was hesitant to jump into the second heat so I stepped into the third heat. Katie’s time at the Cherry Blossom 5k was 8:04, which made her unsure whether to step in with me and run in the third heat. Even as I looked over my shoulder I saw her still standing on the infield and thought she was going to wait—but she knew she could hit a faster time so right before the gun went off she stepped on.

It was really fun to run a speedy race on a track in Vibrams. The “bounce” made my kick in the last 200m seem effortless—I thought I was gliding over the track; it was so cool! I finished with a time of 5:48 (the fastest mile I have ever run). I walked around trying to find Katie but she was no where to be found. Then I heard her call me, and saw she was out of breath. She had run with in my heat and finished with a 7:07, her fastest time too! (Actually, Katie thinks she had a 7:07. The way the do it is that as you finish they give you the number of the order you finished in. Then you have to give that number to the person recording the times and he or she tells you what time corresponds with that number. Seems simple, until you try and remember your number while gasping for air and longing for a drink of water. So Katie thinks she might have misheard her number, but either way that is a whole minute faster than her previous mile split. Pretty impressive I think!)

This was a fun race and it will be fun to run some of these track races, both for something different and to get some speed work in on the track surface. But I think that for both us these shorter, faster races are not our favorites. We have really developed a love for “longer” distances (longer for us), especially the 10k. There is more time to get into a rhythm, to find a comfortable pace, to really enjoy the run, and, if we are feeling good, to then pick up the pace and test our endurance, stamina, and (maybe) speed. But the speed and pace of 5ks and mile runs are not what we want to pursue. It is not what we have grown to love.

Next week we run the 6xl mile relay. After that is the 1 hour run. Finally there is the Pentathlon, which we may or may not run (have to wait and see how we are feeling)