a little no meat and a little bare feet

Katie here,

It has been a long time since I have posted, I have truly been neglecting my duties as one half of nomeatbarefeet.  So lets talk no meat.  I am, for the 2nd time, reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals, which led to my vegetarianism 1 1/2 years ago.  It is a well written book that asks the questions, provides answers, but doesn’t outright advocate for being a vegetarian or vegan.  It is not preachy and I really like it for that fact.

I am currently reading the chapter about the ability for avian viruses to spread so easily to pigs and humans and how the current state of factory farming only helps things like H5N1 become an epidemic.  This is quite timely (that I would be reading this chapter).  Just this afternoon, Jon and I returned from a 2 hour trail run, and I commented at lunch that I really have not been sick in 1 1/2 years, even as a first year teacher.  Now, I am not saying that I have avoided H5N1 or H1N1 or what ever nasty bird flu is the current H{blank}N{blank} because I am a vegetarian.  But what I have noticed, is that I haven’t been sick since changing my diet.  Coincidence?  You might say Yes, I say No.  Read the book even if it doesn’t change your diet, my hope for you as a consumer is to simply know where your food comes from, and more importantly, what is in it, just wait until you read the chapter about the “shit-soup” chicken floats in while being processed!

Now for a little bare feet.  It is a bare feet first, I ran for 2 hours in the pine bush today (in my bikila VFFs).  This is approaching the upper limits of my running.  My 1/2 marathon times were in the 2 hour ballpark.  I am sure I ran less than 13.1 miles, but in all fairness to myself… this was a trail, and trails are another beast than a 1/2 on a road.  I actually felt pretty good, despite being dive-bombed by bugs at the onset.  We have to wake and start early since it is about 90 degrees plus humidity this week.  The early morning cool/dampness brings the bugs a-swarmin.   At 1:10 I hit a small wall.  This is when a running partner comes in handy.  I said “Jon, don’t let me walk until 1:23”  thinking it would take me 10ish minutes to get through my wall.  I channeled my inner Scott Jurek, and made friends with my exhaustion.  I didn’t walk.

Only thing we needed on this epic 2 hour barefoot* run was electrolytes at the end.  Cramping set in, a sure sign you have sweat out everything you’ve got.  Next time, I will be a little wiser about what is in my pack.   Then I went home and didn’t eat anything bathed in poop-soup before being brought to the store and consumer.

*I use barefoot to describe my VFF running, haters need not comment.

This is where we run.  It is beautiful and I hope it stays protected!  http://www.savethepinebush.org/

I just noticed save the pine bush is having a vegetarian/vegan lasagna night…. maybe we should go… combine my passions!