A couple of race changes

by nomeatbarefeet

In case anyone has been paying attention to the list of upcoming races (which I admit is highly unlikely), you will have noticed that we are no longer running the Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon in October. A last minute request to be in a wedding resulted in our having to back out. This left us without a trail half marathon for this fall. After some quick searches I found The Monster Marathon and Half Marathon in Virgil, NY. This little race (by which I mean the number of entrants running it) looked like a lot of fun, but if you take a look at the image on the registration form you will see that the total elevation climb is 5560! (Thats for the marathon, so about half that for the half marathon. Still, that is some intense elevation changes!)
This race is really going to put our trail training to the test. Katie and I have been logging about 2 hour trail runs on the weekends to get us ready for the Indian Ladder 15k at the end of this month, and now the Monster Half in September. I feel that as challenging as it will be we will have a really fun time running it, and I know that we are both looking forward to doing it together.

(The organizers have setup a wordpress blog to keep track of the entrants. It can be found here: Monster Marathon and Half blog.)