Just a quick post: Longing for Fall

Katie and I run the Indian Ladder 15k on Sunday, so we made this a light week of running. Ok, we made it a very light week. But in all fairness it has been white hot, plus Katie has been trying to prepare for our vacation next week. We hope to do a bit of running during the interim between the 15k and the Dynamic Duo race the following weekend, but who knows.

Katie and I have a both found ourselves longing for the sharp coolness of Fall. Those runs that are just cold enough for a long sleeve shirt, but where you do not get too hot. Your hands and feet do not start to freeze (yet) and you might or might not need a hat. Those are the runs we miss, and given that we have never run them in VFFs or barefoot they should prove to be indelibly beautiful and relaxing, especially when running on trails.

As our races get longer, the days get shorter, and the weather gets cold I hope that our posts will be able to exude just how much we love Fall running.