Reflections on the first 1/2 of the year.

by nomeatbarefeet

I thought that 6 months would be a good time to stop and think about all we have accomplished and what the 2nd 6 months might look like.  We started this blog to describe our journey of running a race (or more) a month in minimalist shoes (while being vegetarians).  As I perused the old posts, I noticed that less mention went to the actual foot attire, and more to the actual races.  Jon and I are unknowingly doing our fan base of probably 2 readers a disservice, but it is not intentional.  We are not concentrating on the minimal aspect of our running, but not without reason.  While driving to our CSA pick-up last week, it hit me.  I don’t see my shoes as different anymore.  They are what I run in, same as your Nike Pegasus’ or Brooks Glycerin 9’s.  When I pry my toes apart to get into my Bikila’s they are just my shoes.  I haven’t been blogging about my experience because it has become 2nd nature.  What is really missing from those posts, is the fact that I, and Jon are (knock on wood, and all hail to the running god Pre) not injured.  These shoes have allowed me to run distances and terrains that my Lunar Glides could not.  Not without piercing hip flexor pain and a slew of sprained ankles (as we run some pretty gnarly trails).  I apologize, dear fan base, if we have neglected our 5 finger reporting duty, but know that we love them, are uninjured, and wouldn’t dream of wearing anything else (unless of course it’s Merrill’s pace/trail glove minimal trail shoe).

What have we neglected on the “no meat” side?  Well we don’t eat eggs.  If you are going to give up any part of factory farmed consumption, it might as well be eggs.  I won’t be your no-egg guru today, but pick up some literature and read about it!  We also have been cutting out dairy.  After a week of no dairy, then a day of dairy, I felt pretty crappy.  We substitute many tasty things for cheese and butter, and I was never a milk drinker anyways.  We do still eat dairy on occasions, but are walking the line most vegetarians walk eventually.  One foot on the side of vegetarianism, the other on the side of veganism.  We feel great, are incredibly healthy, and put in some pretty long runs on the weekends fueled by plants 🙂

What does the next 6 months hold for your nomeatbarefeet duo…

The hardest trail 1/2 marathon NY has to offer… The Monster Trail 1/2 in Virgil, NY.  If we thought our trail 15k was hard, this is 4 more miles than that plus crazy elevation changes.  This is happening in September.  Races here, there, and Vermont will follow in the coming months.  Our goal (and its going public so there is no taking it back) is to run the North Face Trail Marathon in May (?) of next year.  This will be held on Bear Mountain in the Catskills.  It’s a pretty lofty goal.  They will pull us off the course at the 8 hour mark if we are not yet to 26.2.  

So there is your 6th month recap.  Half way through our year & running in our feet shoes, uninjured, a slew of PR’s, placing pretty high in our age groups, fueled by plants, and living as compassionately as we can.

-K (and J through yours truly)  

-Oh, and to honor my 5 fingers (and likewise Abebe Bikila their namesake), this post is pink, just like my awesome shoes!