Strong Hearts Cafe

by nomeatbarefeet

When Katie and I were coming back through Syracuse we heard about a delicious, fully vegan cafe residing in the heard of the city I grew up in. Since it is virtually unheard of to find a fully vegan restaurant, let alone one that makes traditional cafe/diner food. After a trip down to Armory Square for some shopping, we decided to search out Strong Hearts Cafe, over on East Genesee St.

When you enter, the menu is written up on the wall. The Breakfast choices are really deep (Tofu scrambles, Pancakes, Waffles, and French Toast), then there are the Salads and…the Sandwiches, oh the Sandwiches. Katie and I opted to split the Curry Seitan Sandwich, the T.L.T. and the Chipotle Potato Salad. Man oh man was it good. For those who are hesitate to try Vegan Mayo let me say that the difference is, at least to me, negligible. The taste is really good, and let’s not get into the health differences: a serving of Veganaise is only 90 calories with no cholesterol. Not too bad. There is also a huge variety of snacks, desserts, and muffins. I was amazed at how much stuff they actually had there, all made fresh every day. Oh, and Friday nights they do pizza, and the variety is, again, really diverse (e.g., Garlic, Pesto, Chicken Wing, Reuben, and Breakfast).

We will be back in Syracuse to stay with my parents before the Monster Half Marathon and hopefully we can stop in again and eat something new.

(Click above for the menu)