Things to come: November Running

by nomeatbarefeet

Seems as though we haven’t posted all that much lately, but looking back at the October posts there are a fair number of them. The perceived lack of posts could be due to any number of reasons—laziness surely comes in somewhere—but the primary one is that both Katie and I have been incredible busy this past month. This meant not getting a chance to post a race report of the Great Pumpkin Challenge 10k. The race was a lot of fun, and actually resulted in Katie PRing by almost 7 minutes! That is impressive evidence of how much she has improved since beginning this blog back in March.

November brings two races: The Fall Back 5 (mile) trail run on November 6, and the After The Leaves (ATL) 20k trail run on November 13. These should be fun races given that they are both on trails.

The Fall Back 5 takes place in Saratoga State Park, starting in the mall and weaving throughout the park where we will run a mix of singletrack and double track trails. “And new this year, be prepared for a trip along Geyser Brook and up the quad-busting staircase as the course emerges out of the Geyser Brook valley. With a mix of only slightly technical terrain, this course is a great introduction to trail running, perfect for beginners and veterans alike.” Sounds perfect. I have been under the weather the last few days, so I hope that my immune system kicks in and I am able to really open up and run this race. The Fall Back 5 course map can be found here, and further information about the race can be found at the Saratoga Stryders website.

The ATL 20k trail race is run on the carraige trails around Lake Minnewaska State Park located in the beautiful Shawangunk Mountains north of NYC. It is sponsored by the Shawangunk Runners. I actually do not know much about the run. It was listed on the ARE (Albany Running Exchange) website as part of their Gran Prix Trail Series, so I thought I would look it up. The Shawangunk Runners website does have a flyer for the run, but I wanted to know a bit more about it. After doing some digging I found a great race report at a blog called Dirtproof. She does a wonderful job of describing the 2010 race, including posting pictures of the run, and she was kind enough to answer my questions about the course. All in all the ATL 20k looks like it will be a beautiful run during a beautiful time of year. Cannot wait!

That should be it for November. We had talked about doing a Turkey Trot, but I think we will be going to Vermont to see family. That just leaves more time for trying maintain our longer runs. It has been a challenge to keep up our mileage, what with Katie’s long work days and my trying to get dissertation and application material done. I figure as long as we make an effort, especially for our weekend runs, then we should be good to run through the winter. December will bring the start of the HMRRC Winter series, with a 3m and a 15k on December 11 and possibly the Santa Speedo run on the same day. I will definitely do a post if we run that one!