You Must Always Remember…

by nomeatbarefeet

For this 50th post (really?), I decided to post this wonderful quote from A.A. Milne, author of the beloved Winnie the Pooh stories. I am unsure the context of the quote, or whom it is/was directed at (Piglet perhaps?), but it is quite poignant and applicable to the intentions of this blog. We are often told (intentionally or not) that we not___________ (fill in the blank); and we then find ourselves inexplicably forgetting that we are, in fact, the absence of those very things. But this is not true: we are stronger, braver, smarter, more understanding, more caring, more loving—we just need to be reminded of it every so often. But who is always with us? It is the “other individual” who has helped us to awaken to who we can truly become, and, what is even more, is that this role of “other individual” can be filled by anyone—spouse, girl/boy friend, parent, grandparent, friend, pet, child. So long as they help us see in ourself what we sometimes forget is there, they will, then, always be with us.

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