Things to come: December running

by nomeatbarefeet

December brings the start of the HMRRC Winter Series. This series of races, which runs through February, consists of five different race days with multiple distances run concurrently. So you can either run, say, the 3 mile, the 10k or the 15k distance. Here are the current list of runs (and distances) that will be held this year:

Winter Series #1 (12/11): a 3 mile or a 15k run (I think we will be doing the 3 mile run.)
Winter Series #2 (1/1): The Hangover Half Marathon (This should be fun. Nothing like waking up and running 13.1 miles on a day that has been traditionally reserved for being hungover.)
Winter Series #3 (1/8): a 3 mile, 10k, or 15k run
Winter Series #4 (1/22): a 3 mile, 15k, or 30k run
Winter Series #5 (2/5): a 4, 10, or 20 mile run

The real benefit of these races will be to keep Katie and I moving throughout the cold months. Even if we only run 1 or 2 days a week, having set races days will maintain some level of motivation—which, lets face it, can be frickin’ hard during winter in Upstate.

The other races this December will be the Albany Running Exchange Adventure Race on December 10, and then the Santa Speedo Sprint on December 11 (the same day as the first Winter Series race).

The Adventure Race will be, in more ways than one, an real adventure. Having never done it before is adventure enough, but judging by the description on the ARE website it will be a crazy “off-trail” race through the bush and over rocks and trees. The real kicker is that the distance is a mystery. What??? A mystery distance trail run that could include climbing rocks, trees and boulders? Should be very interesting. Looks like the weather is supposed to be slightly warmer, with little chance of snow. We will see how things go (I will try and bring the camera along).

The Santa Speedo Sprint will be run in the afternoon preceding the Winter Series race, so we should be nice and warmed up for an 800 meter sprint down Lark St. wearing a Santa hat (though probably no actual speedo). The race is an annual benefit for the Damien Center, a community center for individuals and families living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. I should have been collecting donations for this run (the minium donation, which is your entrance fee, is $25—well worth it) but I have been lazy. Would be really fun to get some crazy outfit together, but again…lazy.

So that it. Look out for our race reports and, coming January 1st, our first winter half-marathon! Lets hope the weather holds.