Running 2011: A recap

by nomeatbarefeet

As this year comes to an end I thought I would offer a brief recap of the highlights from 2011. It was a year that brought a lot of new running experiences, new distances, and a variety of trials, trails and obstacles to overcome. Without further delay, here is 2011:

March This marked the beginning of our year experiment to run a least 1 race every month for a year. Our first race was the Running of the Green, on Green Island. It was my first race in Vibrams.

April This was a fun month as it marked the first time we ran a trail race (or even a trail run for that matter). We ran the Parker Trail 5k, had a blast, and discovered that we had caught the trail running bug. The end of the month saw us run the St. John’s/St. Ann’s Spring Run-Off 10k. This was a our first time running a 10k—a distance we have come to love!

May Only one race this month, the Cherry Blossom 5k. A soggy race, but both of us wound up PRing—in fact she won her age group, but because we were so wet we left right away and missed the awards. Duh!

June Oh June. 3 races. Katie ran the Friehofer’s Run for Woman (5k), which was the largest field of racers she has ever run in. Mid-month found us trekking through the mud in the Rebel Race (5k): this was so much fun, I recommend everyone do a race like this at some point. A week later we ran the Father’s Day 5k, the race that had been our first 2 years earlier.

July July brought the start of the HMRRC Summer Track Series: we ran the Colonie Mile; the 6×1 mile relay; and the 1 Hour Run. The Colonie Mile was a fun way to gauge how far our speed had come along, which we were able to put to good use in the 6×1 mile relay. The 1 Hour Run…never again. At least, never again in 100 degree weather. Could have been disastrous if we were not in such good of shape. The end of the month brought another first: the 15k. We ran the Indian Ladder 15k Trail Run which afforded us a taste of distance and endurance on the trails. It was also a warm up for things to come…

August What a fun month! The first race was the Dynamic Duo Pursuit. A 3 mile loop for the guy, then the same for the girl. Top duos in the age groups won shirts as prizes. (I still regret not grabbing the pink shirt…) We then ran 2 of 3 Tawasentha XC (5k) races which is probably one of our favorite courses to run. In the rain, through mud, through a river, up and down Suicide Hill…what more could you ask for!

September This was a tough month. The biggest challenge (literally) was the Monster Half Marathon: Katie got lost; I almost passed out; we survived. Probably the hardest thing either of us have ever done (I will hold out “forever” until we run a marathon), which is why I am really proud of us. End of the month saw us running the HMRRC Anniversary run. First race back on pavement after a long stretch of trails…did not like it. The last race of the month was the Downtown Burlington 10k, which I PRed. A fun race, and one we might be running again next year since we are moving to Vermont(!).

October “We ran ‘The 1st and only Jonathan Auyer 30th Birthday 30k‘ and all we got were sore feet and these awesome shirts.” That about says it. It was fun to organize a little race and run it will my best friend. Having my parents as aid workers didn’t hurt either. Finished off the month with the Great Pumpkin Challenge (10k), which Katie PRed. A chilly and hilly paved course, which we both ran in Bikilas. Just goes to show that progress was definitely being made.

November We went back to the trails this month. The Fall Back 5 mile race saw both of us run fast times, and get to talk more about running trails in Bikilas. The end of the month found us driving down to the beautiful Lake Minnewaska trails and run the After the Leaves Have Fallen 20k. Hilly and hard, windy and cold, but we put in a good showing for vegan running— plus we both finished in decent times.

December Our weekly mileage has dipped a bit, but we still find time to run crazy races. Case in point: the ARE Adventure Race. It wound up being about 5.5 miles, but it was over the craziest terrain you can imagine (plus the start was unique). It was, however, lots of fun. I hope that we can run this again next year. December also marked the start of the HMRRC Winter Series. Katie was unable to run, so I ran the 3 mile race. Did not want to be back on the roads, but that is the state of things as the days get colder and darker.

So there you have it. 2011 in a nutshell. I cannot believe that it is over. Only a couple months left in our challenge, and with us moving to Vermont in January it might be a bit difficult to get our races all it (perhaps a brief extension?). We will, however, continue to try our best, to endure what we can, and to be ambassadors for vegan and minimalist running. Thank you for journeying with us this past year, and may we wish you all the best in 2012!