Saucony Ulti-Mitt II Review

by nomeatbarefeet

Just as running in the heat requires additional gear, running in the Northeast requires a number of additional clothing accessories. One of these is a good pair (or pairs) of gloves. Often, runners will have gloves for a range of weather, from mild to insanely frigid. When I set out to find a decent pair of gloves I knew that I wanted a pair with a mitten conversion. That is, a sleeve that could cover my fingers. The Saucony Ulti-Mitt II fit this criteria, so I decided to give it a go.

I should mention that I terrible circulation to my hands. The problem is, in fact, a disease called Raynauds, which involves discoloration of the extremities. It can be quite serious, but mine is not all that bad, just an inconvenience. My feet are great—I can run in Vibrams in 10-20 degrees and be fine. But if the temperature is below even 60 degrees my hands will get cold and turn a shade of whiteish blue. Once it gets below 30 degrees it can take 3-4 miles of running before my hands begin to warm up, and often they will still tingle for the rest of my run. With that in mind I have yet to find a glove that will help to keep my hands toasty warm.

A number of sites list the Ulti-Mitt II as having a medium thickness and as being good for cold (as opposed to coldest) weather. (I would say that they should work really well between 35-50 degree days.) I will agree with this description. They are not overly thick, so if you stash the convertible mitt in a little pocket on the back of the glove they are good for even milder days. With the mitt down they do work well to keep the heat in, and the wind/water resistant material (Saucony calls it Drylete) helps prevent moisture from seeping into the glove.  The glove also comes with a rechargeable USB light that clips on the outside of the glove (or any place else you want to clip it). Just plug it in to charge it (though there is no way to tell when it is charged).

What I Like I have already mentioned the convertible mitt. I love this feature. I also love the fact that the gloves are just thin enough to allow me to wear a thin liner underneath the gloves for added warmth. (I have a pair of Smartwool Liner gloves.) I also love the cloth section on the glove for wiping my nose. Gross fact about running in the winter: your nose runs like a leaking faucet, so having something besides my shirt or arm to make my face look presentable is a plus.

What I Don’t Like Only two little complaints. The first, which I can’t fault Saucony for, is that this gloves just was not thick enough for my fingers. For most people they will be thick enough to protect against the cold, water, and wind in weather betwen 35-50 conditions. If you are looking for a glove to protect against the coldest weather conditions (<30 degrees) I would try something else. I suppose that the only other minor gripe concerns the USB light. Mine kept sliding down the hole in which I clipped it, bouncing around on my hand; I also do not know how visible it it since the light follows the movement of your hand. If your form involves your hands being low to the ground or high up across your chest (which is not the best running form, but which a number of people employ) then the light might not be that visible. I would not suggest making this little light your only source of illumination on runs in the dark.

All in all Saucony’s Ulti-Mitt II is a nice addition to my cold weather gear, and should serve as a solid glove for running in most cold weather conditions. It comes in sizes XS-L, and in colors pink, orange, and black (I have the latter). You can get a pair here.

Nomeatbarefeet is in no way associated with the company or companies whose products we review. Nor are we expert reviewers. In fact we might make up words to describe the product being reviewed. In short, we paid for the gear and we wanted to share our thoughts.