Things to come

by nomeatbarefeet

Well, first of all the Hudson Mohawk Winter Marathon and Relay is next week, and Katie and I are going to head back to Albany to run it with my friend Jim (actually a customer from my previous Starbucks in Albany).

This should prove an interesting race. Neither of us have been running all that much since our move, and given that our legs are 9.73 Miles for Katie and 10.99 Miles for myself (5.49 for Jim) it should prove to put both of us to the test.

Second, I have been meaning to put up pictures and reports on our recent food endeavors, but with the move I haven’t had the time. This too shall pass. Hopefully in the next couple days I can give you a taste of our recent delicacies…and a delicious brew called Heady Topper. Oh hosanna is it tasty!

So hold out, cause the next week will yield some scrumptious posts.