Burrmont running

by nomeatbarefeet

Recently I took a new job in the far northern reaches of the Green Mountain Spine, so far north I like to call the town Canada, Vermont (the border is less than 2 miles away and my mobile speaks to me en francis). Needless to say, this move uprooted Jon, Arlo and I from Albany, and although a winter move is hard, I have professionally never been happier… all worth it in my book.

While driving rt. 105 from Saint Albans to Richford (Canada, Vermont) the Missisquoi Valley Rail-Trail gently meanders back and forth across the road, in and out of woods, and settles in along the Missisquoi River for portions. When headed east on 105 Jay Peak also rises beautifully in the distance (cannot be seen in the pictures but will show up on this blog eventually). All of this makes for a stunning morning commute and a beautiful run.

Jon and I ran 3 miles of this trail out and back for an almost 7 mile run on Saturday February 11. Saturday also happened to be 10 degrees with a slight wind, putting the run at about 0 degrees. As we ran I cursed the cold, cursed my legs for aching after not running for several weeks due to the move. I cursed my buff which was kind of balaclava-ish over my mouth and completely frozen from exhaling. But, I pushed on and only realized just how cold it was when we turned around and headed back to the car. By the end my hat rim was dewish and half frozen, the combo of warm exhalation and freezing temps made for dew drops on my eyelashes so thick it looked like I had cried crocodile tears. After, we headed into Enosburg for a coffee… then drove all the way back to the new apartment, in the new town, in the new state I love, for the job that makes me happy, with the husband and mutt I uprooted… with the heat on max the whole way.

I loVermont… even it’s coldness

Here is out impromptu “VT”.

with much blogging overdue-ness