HMRRC Winter Relay (pre-race report)

by nomeatbarefeet

This last weekend Katie and I traveled back down to Albany to run the HMRRC Winter Relay. We were joined by a good friend of my, Jim Levine, who would round out our three person team (Team #27). The relay was split into three legs:

(1) 9.73 miles – Katie

 (2) 5.49 miles – Jim

 (3) 10.99 miles – Jon

The reason for the strange mileage is due to the various loops from the SUNY Albany campus, around the State Office Campus, and back again. I cannot find a map of the different loops, so I will draw one up and post it. Also, I had planned on bringing my digital camera but wound up forgetting the battery. Therefore, I had to document the race the old-fashion way: with film. That being the case, I had to get the film developed, and as soon as I do that I will post the pictures.

I won’t do a full race report here, but I can say that the weather conditions were almost perfect (mid-to-high 30s, and sunny), which made the run quite enjoyable. And we finished in a pretty decent time of 3:44:50.

While we enjoyed having another participant running with us (thanks Jim!), and while it was great for the Auyer-Dynamic-Duo to race together again, I can definitively say that neither Katie nor I enjoy running the roads. We miss the trails! While we will certainly run some road races here and there (e.g., the Running of the Green is in less than a month!), we much prefer the quiet brutality of the trails. So as soon as we get a chance we will be heading out to investigate the local Vermont trail scene. Pictures, maps, directions, and accounts to come!

As always, thanks for reading and keep a look out for our race report later this month.