Darn Tough Sock Review: Socks that Rock!

by nomeatbarefeet

Darn Tough socks are made right here in Vermont. Actually, in Northfield, Vermont, which is about an hour and a half south of St. Albans. I actually had a pair of Darn Tough socks two years ago, but somehow they disappeared. I had barely had them for that long—super bummed. So I wound up coming by two new pairs that were on clearance at Eastern Mountain Sports in Albany. Both pairs were the 1/4 length Cushioned Merino Wool (one in a sort of light blue and the other in an olive).

Here is a link to the low-down on the details. These socks have always been my go-to sock post cold weather runs because they are so soft, so cushiony, and so very warm. Well now I can definitively say that the are my go-to cold weather hiking and trail running sock. If I run in Vibrams then I will be wearing Injinji’s, so I will probably only use these socks when running winter trails in my Merrell Trail Gloves or in very cold weather road runs in my NB Minimus’. Why?

  • my feet stay warm
  • they stay dry (even hopping through puddles and slush)
  • they breath really well (no sweaty feet)
  • they don’t add bulk so my feet feel light
  • they add some cushion on rocky terrain

Let me speak to the last two points. Normally I want as little shoe (and sock) as possible so that I can get as much ground feel as possible. The more you feel what is under you the quicker your feet can respond. But on certain rocky and technical terrain I want some added warmth and some added cushioning to help with the impact on rocks, twigs, and extremely uneven ground.  The rock plate built into the Trail Gloves is great, but adding these socks made for a smoother ride. So to that end, Darn Tough makes one hell of a sock! I don’t have a bad thing to say about them. They are locally made in Vermont and I would definitely recommend checking them out. You can find some on the EMS website ($17-$22) or at REI ($16.95-$19).

Nomeatbarefeet is in no way associated with the company or companies whose products we review. Nor are we expert reviewers. In fact we might make up words to describe the product being reviewed. In short, we paid for the gear and we wanted to share our thoughts.