Hard’Ack Recreation Area: Trails in our Backyard!

by nomeatbarefeet

So it turns out that right behind our street, one block down, is the trail entrance to a large outdoor recreation area called Hard’Ack Recreation Area. This area is riddled with trails. They are great for hiking and trail running (though much of the area is hilly and technical—a great workout!). Katie and I strapped on our Yaktrax and ventured out for a 45 minute run, brining along the camera to try an capture some of the landscape.

This is the shot from atop “Adirondack Overlook,” a name that we came up with because you can see all the way across Lake Champlain to the High Peaks in NY.

This is on the other side of the hill from the “Adirondak Overlook.” On this side you can ski and sled (slide) down the hill. A tow-rope brings you up to the top and then you can head back on down. The trails loop around and come across the ridge of the hill, emerging right by the top of the tow-rope line.

These Yaktrax make running on ice and packed snow a breeze.

Ok, in these shots it gets a bit “rocky,” and I might have lead us off the real path while following some tracks in the snow. And those tracks might have ended abruptly, forcing us to turn around and trudge back through the snow. This might have happened. Sorry.

Meanwhile, back on the actual trail: here is a great tryptic of Katie churning up a hill toward “Adirondack Overlook.”

Our apartment is down in the lower left hand corner somewheres. Thats how close we are.