vegan “after you get nasty sweaty trail running” beauty products review

by nomeatbarefeet

This post has been super long in coming.  I have been searching for cruelty free, 100% vegan products that are superb.  It’s not that there aren’t great ones out there, Giovianni & LUSH both make a good product, but I have difficult hair to deal with, and when you run a lot you have to wash your hair more frequently.  This causes my hair to get dried out.  So, needless to say, I have searched years, yes actually years, for a product I wanted to write about (a bottle of shampoo takes me months to get through making this a tedious process).  Without farther delay, here are vegan products worth raving about:

Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

First thing that I noticed is that lathering is silky.  A common issue among vegan hair products is the lack of a silky smooth feeling when suddsing up.  From my research, this is a hard thing for vegan/natural products to accomplish because in mainstream shampoos this is delivered to the consumer via chemicals. Second plus is that when rinsing, the hair remains as silky (sometimes the suds mask this and you are left with wet straw on your head after the suds are gone). Third, when my hair is dry, it smells great and is untangled and easy to pass a brush or comb through.  Final note of awesomeness… On days when I don’t work out, I don’t always wash my hair, I am an every 2-3 day washer because that is what is healthy for your head. This shampoo and conditioner hold up well and get me through those days without looking like a grease ball.

5 hearts ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ <3… after all I did wait a long time to find it, so if it made the post, it’s as good as it gets in my book.  I will also try their Italian Red Grape products after the coconut, because I hear it smells AMAZING!

Now… I am a low maintenance type of girl, so when I say vegan beauty product review… you are getting shampoo/conditioner and chap stick!!!

Again, it is hard to find an AMAZING vegan lip balm… I had one made by the Merry Hempsters, it was ok nothing great. It didn’t spread smoothly. Finding vegan lip balms is like finding a needle in a haystack because most lip balms that are natural are beeswax and not vegan. So, you make the haystack into a small stack of twigs by going to the local co-op and maybe you will find a vegan lip balm. Enter City Market Co-op in Burlington. TA-DA!! AWESOME VEGAN LIP BALM

Crazy Rumors Fresh Squeezed Pink Grapefruit Juice Lip Balm

Pink Grapefruit Juice Lip Balm

This balm is the shiz. Silky, glides on like a dream, doesn’t clump or cake or dry your lips out. Smells great! I actually think it is superior to any lip balm even my old beloved Burts Bees which I no longer use.  They make four packs of fun flavors around a theme (fresh squeezed, coffee, bubblegum, soda pop… to name a few)  If you are looking for cruelty free lip grease goodness look no farther!!

Well, there you go a super low maintenance review from a minimalist girl…

❤ & trails