so goes the shoes… so goes the apartment…

Jon and I have dedicated a year of our life to minimal running.  Many races, many hours logged on trails, much of my cash flow spent on vibrams, injinji socks, and merrells.  Minimal running became as much a state of mind and identity as it is the material or lack-there-of under foot.  Being near barefoot brought us so close to nature and to a place of peace and happiness.  I have been in the woods more this year than in the past few years of my life combined.

And I found that this brought me immense joy.  The way we chose to approach it was so simple and uncomplicated.  No mile-downs or tempo runs, just us, trails and time, and I thought… this idea of striping it all down, could make me happy in other ways.

We have moved so many times in the past few years.  Each time, we got rid of a little more.  We weeded through books, clothes, CDs and DVDs.  After moving to Vermont, I looked around our small apartment and wondered “why, why do I feel like we still have so much…stuff.”  And it was just stuff.  Knick-knacks I bought to look cute in my apartment,  12 white wine glasses, because… well maybe someday we will have a whole soccer team over for wine.  And I knew to make me happy, more had to go.  And so I looked into minimal living.  Not to my surprise, we already accomplished a great deal of what minimal lifestylers say to do in order to get uncluttered.  So I made three rules

1. If it doesn’t get used more than 6 times a year…

2. If it isn’t essential for everyday life…

3. If it doesn’t bring us immense joy…


And so we got rid of more books (libraries are wonderful). We got rid of trinkets.  We got rid of kitchen supplies and dinnerware.  We de-cluttered my least favorite part of the whole apartment, THE DREADED OFFICE, we shredded, shredded, shredded old papers.  And I feel we might finally be there.

There are other things we have done along the way that are not only “minimal” but also reduce our impact on momma earth.  We are going into our 2nd year as share holders in a CSA.  We use washcloths instead of paper towels.  MASON JARS ARE MY FAVORITE.  We bring them to the co-op and fill them with goodies, we store everything in them.  We have 3 cleaning products: Borax, vinegar, and baking soda.  We added reusable produce bags to our reusable grocery bag stock.  At casa Medick, we use their homemade laundry soap to do our dirties.  My latest attempt at minimal is the no-poo concept (thanks Pinterest!).  I know, I know, right after the vegan beauty product review post I am transitioning to a baking soda/vinegar routine.  I will let you know how it goes in a few weeks.

All though much of this progressed over time, I have had some help.

Pinterest = great place for DIY household products

Alicia Silverstone’s site The Kind Life is just fantastic for eco-friendly items.  She is pretty amazing and inspiring, ❤ this website.

Becoming Minimalist  is probably the most helpful when attempting to go minimal.  On the left side are some links.  If you click Most Popular Posts… then 101 physical things that can be reduced in your home… you can get off to a great start.  I am proud to say we have done about 100 of them (we only had one TV).

as go the shoes, so goes the apartment, so becomes a life.  A life less cluttered, where I now find myself in nature more, reading good books more often, and truly enjoying a few special items because they are not lost in the chaos… my grandma’s apron and tea cups and Jon’s pottery all front and center, everyday.

The two questions at the end of A Story for Tomorrow are (1) is it possible to be happy with this life & (2) did you enjoy your story.  With these changes, I can say… I am well on my way.

❤ and trails