Kaynor’s Sap 10k Race Report

by nomeatbarefeet

Two of the great things about living and running in Vermont is that because we live so close to family in Westford, and because most of the GMAA races are in that area of Vermont, we don’t have to travel far for most of our races. Such was the case with the Kaynor’s Sap 10k Run, which is considered to be the first “real” race of the season. The race was run out of the Westford Elementary and Middle School, which is 10 minutes or so from our family in Westford.

The weather was chilly and windy, and it looked like it might race throughout the race. Luckily a steady rain turned to a drizzle which then ceased right before the start of the run. The course was an out and back, starting just outside the Westford Elementary and Middle School, heading out 3 miles, and then finishing in the school parking lot (the difference between the starting line and the finish line made up the .2 of a mile needed for a 10k run). While there was a strong head wind on the way out this made for a strong tail wind on the way back.

As for the road conditions, the announcer put it this way: 90% of the course is in good shape; the other 10% is terrible. This was due, in part, to the frost heave in the dirt/paved roads and the rain from weeks past. By in large, though, the course made for a good run. With rolling hills and some very steep ascents and descents this was a challenging course.

Neither of us anticipated PRing, but we both managed to get respectable times: I finished in 41:49 (less than 2 minutes off my best) and Katie finished in 55:33 (just 3 minutes off her best). Running the hilly trails around our new apartment definitely helped us chalk up these times. Both of us managed to overtake runners on the hills—a time when one usually settles into a comfy “ascent pace.” I can see how Hard’ack, with its brutal elevation changes, will be very beneficial to us.

While road running may not be our favorite this race proved to be both fun and challenging. A few blisters and some sore calf muscles were the worst of our troubles for this run. (NB: Katie did get spit on—twice—which is something that has never happened before. Come on people! This is common curtiousy and basic awareness when you run: look around before you hawk a loogie!]

We are both looking forward to the Rollin Irish Half Marathon that is coming up in April, and then a whole slew of trail races that will be throughout the remainder of the year. There will be some new distances and some crazy races coming up so we will up date the Race Calendar as soon as we have the dates.

As always, thanks for reading. Be good to each other; Be good to your body; Be good to the trails; Keep moving forward.