Recognition from

by nomeatbarefeet

In many of our posts we have tried to emphasize our love for running trails. Trails bring a calm that makes even the toughest of runs seem peaceful and all the more fulfilling. In the process we also try and emphasize that being an athlete and being a vegan are not mutually exclusive. For us (and hopefully for others) they are interconnected.

It came as a shock recently when one of the contributors at Trail and Ultra Running  (Thanks EnduranceJer!) was kind enough to add us to the Vegan Resources of Athletes page. We have been included alongside some other pretty amazing blogs and websites, so we feel very honored and hope that we can live up to the expectation of being a resource for fellow vegan athletes.

If you are interested in trail running; or ultra running; or both, then check out the website. There are lots of great articles, helpful advice, race reports, and gear reviews.

As always, thanks for reading…and run más.