Trail Runner Magazine

by nomeatbarefeet


We mentioned the other day that we got added to the Vegan Resources for Athletes page over at As luck would have it, we also got some recognition in the recent issue of Trail Runner Magazine.

For some reason neither of us knew that there was a running magazine devoted to the trail runners, so when we saw it earlier this year we bought and subscribed to it almost the same day. It is a great magazine with some amazing articles about races all over the global, some pretty awesome interviews with trail and ultra runners, plus lots of helpful advice on getting out there and hitting the trails.

Two issues ago (March 2012) there was an article by Susan Schewe called “No Meat Athlete” which was about being a veg athlete. It did a really great job of presenting the nutritional facts about being vegan—for example: “most Americans consume over 110 grams of protein a day, roughly twice the federal government’s recommendation.” However, “many nutritionists suggest that endurance athletes would be fine consuming just 30 grams of vegetable protein per day.” Plus, Schewe offer some great examples of vegan athletes like Scott Jurek, Brendan Brazier, and Matt Frazer.

So Jon decided to write in and thank Trail Runner.
Surprise surprise Jon’s letter got published (along with our blog name)!

What was also pretty cool was that another “no meat believer” (and blogger) was included as well. Tiana over at proudly touts her love of trail running and a plant-based diet. Just a quick glance at her blog makes us know that you will enjoy reading what she has to say. (Yes, trail runners are nuts, and yes trail running makes you feel like a mega bad@$$ runner!)

It’s great to have recognition for our “little community”—hopefully this little community will spread to be a much bigger community. Everyone should know that you don’t need meat or animal products of any kind. You can live and thrive on plants alone. The future is wide open if you are will to try something new and see how wonderful it can be.

Be good to yourselves; be good to the trails; and run más.