Vibram Five Fingers: Don’t get eaten, VFF Shwag, and some dirt.

by nomeatbarefeet

Yesterday we were in Burlington to watch the FA Cup Final between Liverpool and Chelsea. While the game did not go the Red’s way we wound up having a pretty awesome day. After brunch at Magnolia’s [the Magnolia French Toast; fruit plate; and the Mexican Scramble] we had over an hour to kill, so we walked down Church St. At Outdoor Gear Exchange (OGX) Jon tried on the Nathan Edurance Hydration vest and Katie learned that OGX hosts trail runs a couple times a month. In fact Vibram is going to be there in July for a sponsored run. We thought that was cool enough Vibram news, but then we walked down to the new City Sports and experienced Vibram overload…

We were checking out the new Spyridon’s when lo and behold the Vibram reps were there for the City Sports grand opening! We got to chatting and found out that we were the first “customers” of the day. That meant Vibram coasters, key rings, stickers, and, because were were such devotees, a free Vibram shirt.

This is the back of the shirt (the front was the picture of the Vibramtooth Tiger above), and the coasters and the key ring.

After we talked up the reps for a bit they let us in on some info about the laceless Spyridon (the ones with the velcro “hook-and-loop”): laceless Spyridons will be released in July or August of 2012. And lets just say they gave us a heads up on where to get them first (we might share said info if you contact us ;)). The other little tidbit was that in 2013 Vibram is coming out with a bunch of brand new models; and just like the KSO was considered a kind of “introduction model” for the VFF line, there will be a brand new model VFF that will be in a similar vein.

So there you have it. We had a VFF filled day that turned out to be a ton of fun (despite the Liverpool loss) and resulted in some tantalizing info about upcoming VFF releases. Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

Run wild. Run Más.


Had to include this picture because, let’s admit it, the Vibram marketing is awesome. Go here for the completely interactive You Are the Technology website.