Trail Inspiration – Coyote Bushido

by nomeatbarefeet

This video, posted by the SoCal Coyotes, really speaks to what it means to be a trail runner—and perhaps offers a glimpse at why we love it so much. (You can also find a entire transcript for each tenet at the Coyote Call blog.)

0. Your physical health is ground zero

1. Respect the run

2. Respect the athlete

3. Respect the trail

4. Remember where you started

5. Thou shalt not envy (another runner)

6. Lead (by example)

7. The “All In” mentality

8. Have fun (at all costs)

9. Pedro’ing it (Notes on finishing strong)

10. There are many eyes in “team”

Hope that this gives you a dose of trail juice to get out there and run.

Run wild. Run más.