a new sadness

by nomeatbarefeet

When I was injured while road running, it was sad.  Being injured while trail running is extra depressing.  I didn’t realize just how different it would be until it happened. I was injured a lot while running on the roads, something I blame on my super cushy shoes.  Once I made the switch to minimal shoes, all injuries (mostly reoccurring issues) disappeared.  As I ran more trails, everything felt great because of the soft dirt under my feet.  A while back I began to notice slight pain in my knee when running down hill.  After the ADK Adventure Race, the pain was significant.  Then I changed jobs and moved and didn’t run for awhile.  A few weeks ago, I noticed pain on down hills after long runs.  Then I ran a 1/2 marathon I didn’t really train for which stressed the knee more.  So… I decided to take time off.  Although I haven’t yet seen a PT, which I will, it seems from much research that I likely have runners knee, the most common running injury, classified by usually feeling pain in the knee most noticeably while running down hill.  It seems that weaker quads, and possible poor alignment of the patella tendon when running can cause erosion of precious knee tissues.

During this time, spring had sprung in VT and Hard’ack was looking very lush and beautiful, and I wasn’t out there.  I began to feel really sad, like I was missing something vital, but it was more this time than when road running.  It was a deeper sadness.  I couldn’t be out there in the woods where I was beginning to be very happy.  I looked into possible braces to stabilize the patella tendon and support the knee when running.  I settled on the Cho-Pat dual knee strap after reading great reviews.  Today, I tried it out for the first time.  It seemed to work very well, no pain to report.  I am going to work hard on strengthening the knee and quads and I will let you know how it goes.  For now, I am happy to be back out there.  Giving up roads for a while seemed like an inconvenience to an exercise routine, giving up trails seemed like losing an essential component of my life.

May your injuries be few or nonexistent

~run wild~