The Vegan Staples

by nomeatbarefeet

If you are wondering what Jon and I eat, and if we are junk food vegans, I thought I would enlighten you.  The following is a list of our vegan staples.  We always have these products on hand and eat them/cook with them A LOT!  

These are our dry good staples, and the evidence of my obsession with Ball Jars.  From left to right:

1) Cashews- They make a great cream/milk replacement.  Soak over night then blend to add good fat to things like mashed potatoes.

2) Vital Wheat Gluten- For homemade seitan!

3) Tri-Colored Orzo- We have a tempeh recipe that we love which calls for orzo, so it is usually on hand.

4) Jasmine Rice- I prefer this to regular white rice, it cooks faster and is less sticky/watery when done.  I like a dry rice unless we are making maki rolls.

5) Barley or Farro- Love love the nutty grains, great risotto substitutes!

6) Brown Rice- almost always used, unless we are short on time, then we use jasmine.

7) Quinoa- Queen of all grains, complete protein, versatile, ancient, lovely.

8) NUTRITIONAL YEAST!!- On the edge of the picture is human catnip also know as nutritional yeast or nooch.  When you give up cheese, this quickly becomes your best friend!  Awesome source of B12, the only vitamin vegans need to be vigilant about receiving.  Our awesome plant based diets don’t supply enough, you need fortified foods, nooch or a supplement.  (we intake B12 by all three methods for the mom’s out there who are worried about us)

Not pictured, but dry goods we have on hand are

9) Beans- We always have black, kidney, garbanzo, and adzuki dry in our pantry.  We have found a method for cooking in our slow cooker and have never gone back to canned.  Plus, you can freeze them!

10) Lentils- We love using these in the vegan staple “bowls”  a grain, a protein, veggies, sauce.  Some times these little lovelies are our “grain” in our “bowl”

11) Dates- This is how we fuel on runs, when not taking Vega gels.

12) Soy Boy Organic Tofu- We buy 4 lbs. bulk bags of tofu from City Market

13) VT made Tempeh- We buy bulk Vermont made tempeh @ 2 lbs per bag

Ok, now onto the non-bulk store bought goodies we always have!

1) Sabra Classic Hummus- In the family size, often two at a time can be found in our fridge.  This is crack hummus, I usually need Jon to take it away from me.

2) Smart Balance Peanut Butter- Lots-O-Omegas.  Jon eats at least one PB&J sandwich a day, needless to say, we go through a lot of this!

3) Trappist Jams- Made by monks- awesome! Made with fruit pectin- awesomer!  Usually raspberry for us!

4) Second Nature Trail Mixes- These are by far my favorite store bought trail mixes.  We love the California Medley (almonds, pistachios, dried cranberries, dried cherries) and the Wholesome Medley (peanuts, almonds, cashews, dried cranberries, raisins, vegan dark chocolate pieces)

5) Miso- usually white (mellow) or dark (rich and salty) are in the fridge.  They give a nice parmesan flavor to risotto!

6) Kombu- One of my all time fav finds!!  Beans are not easy on the digestive system.  Thanks to Alicia Silverstone’s website The Kind Life, I now know the glories of adding Kombu to cooking beans.  Kombu is a type of kelp, yes seaweed, that when added to beans, makes the beans far more digestible!!!  Yeah for Kelp, I love you almost as much as KALE!

7) Ezekiel Sesame Seed Bread- Sprouted grain bread!!!!!  Sesame seeds, together with whole grains quickly makes a complete protein in the body.

8) Udo’s Oil- You can pour this mega-omega loaded oil on anything (just don’t cook with it, you know, put it over a flame, you’ll kill all it’s goodness).  Vegan ultra runner Scott Jurek is their spokesperson, and he attributes it to quicker recoveries

These are the things we ALWAYS have.  This coupled with our CSA make us super-trail runnin’ vegans in my opinion 😉  ~notice the no meat athlete shirts ❤

During the CSA season, I can say with confidence that 70% of our food intake is veggies or fruit.   That wains in the winter of course.  I realized with our first CSA that veggies truly are medicine.  I have never felt better then when we are eating loads of CSA goodness.

Our NY CSA on a lighter week

Ok, we are also human, so for your reading pleasure here is our vegan shit food must haves (though not aways on hand at our house… moderation!)

1) Snyders Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces- Because even vegans love wing sauce!

2) Doritos Sweet  Spicy Chili- The only vegan dorito, super yummy.

3) So Delicious Coconut Milk Fudge Bars- Best vegan ice-cream, tastes like… soft serve… NYers, or a creemee… VTers

4)Liz Lovely cookies- all flavors are ridiculiously delicious, the cowgirl cookie tastes like raw cookie dough!

Well there you have it sports fans, a look into the Auyer vegan pantry, eat to make your body well!!

~run wild~