No Meat Bare Feet shirts?

by nomeatbarefeet

So sorry for the absence. We have been busy doing, well, nothing…Katie’s last week of teaching was last week and this week I had a heavy work load. So lately we have just been relaxing and enjoying being together. That meant sleeping in, but it also meant hitting the trails together for some quality time; plus whipping up some delicious recipes. The first taste of summer…its sweet.

So while out on an longer, enjoyable run I raised the idea of making some NoMeatBareFeet (NMBF) shirts—not just for us two but also for anyone else that wanted them. I got the idea from the awesome shirts over at No Meat Athlete; plus the great ones that our friend Eric has over at TrailsROC.

The question is, would anyone be interested? I still have to put my Studio Art degree to use and come up with a design, plus decide what type of shirt to put it on (cotton? wicking?). But, should I come up with a more solid concept I would be interested to know who, if anyone, would interested. Just putting the feelers out there to test the waters.

As for races, this weekend is the Great Adirondack Trail Run in Keene Valley, NY. I had hoped to get us into the 11.5 mile run, but it filled up within two hours of the registration opening. So we will be running the 3.5 mile run—both races are point-to-point “wilderness” type runs with no aid stations; a bring-your-own-supplies sort of thing. It should be fun. We will put up a race report next week.

Hope all of you are enjoying some wonderful weather. Enjoy the trails. Run Más.