When Being a Duo Gets Hard

by nomeatbarefeet

Running last week, in my first week of summer, I really badly stubbed/jammed/or-likely-broke my left pinky toe in Hard’ack.  It had been a great day, we ran for an hour at 6am, and then were out for an hour at 5pm.  On the second leg of this double run day, I felt great.  I ran “the roof” twice, a little spur off the main trail that is a lot of small but steep ascents.  Then the toe thing happened, I found Jon on the trail and we walked home.  At first I thought it would go away after days of ice, elevation and rest.  Here we are a week later, and I tested it, like every other runner out there, trying to return to what I love too soon, because time off is torture.  Everything felt great but the first descent hurt because my toes were jamming forward in my shoes.  I walked home.

And this is where being a duo gets hard.  Jon has to run a lot right now because he is training for a 50k.   It is very hard to watch your running partner leave without you each morning.  This summer was supposed to be my chance to really get trail/mountain miles under my belt, but instead, it seems I will be waiting at least 3 weeks (and that is the earliest).  Depressed, yup.  This summer was supposed to be my time to run.  When fall rolls around, I can’t be as dedicated to running.  This is where being a duo gets even harder.  When Jon leaves work, he leaves it there.  I bring my work home with me every night, and on the weekends.  If I don’t spend nights and weekends preparing, I will not be an effective teacher.  Jon can work on his PhD dissertation at 12 at night if he wants to, in order to spend time running in the day, I cannot write lessons at 12 at night.  It is not that I resent our difference in jobs at the moment, I love what I do, but I don’t have the flexibility he has from September -June.  This summer, I have plenty to do for school.  I have to read and understand the common core, I have to set up a whole classroom since rooms changed this year.  I have to prepare to go back into the classroom, since I spent the last year as a reading specialist.  I have to work with teachers during the summer to prepare for a 5/6 combo that has never been done at this school, with our ELA curriculum and block scheduling still up in the air.  I have a lot to do professionally, but this was my time to also get a lot of running in, and I can’t right now and it sucks.

It is really hard to share something you love with someone, as much as trail running, when you are hurt (Jon gets injured far less than I also).  I really want to spend time on the trails and in the mountains with Jon, but for now,  I will wish him well as he heads out each day.

~run wild~