Why Vegan?

by nomeatbarefeet

I am not an in your face vegan.  I am a pretty shy, extremely introverted person, and I choose to let my actions speak for me most of the time.  When asked to talk about being vegan most people listen, ask some questions, and that is that.  Occasionally people get really fired up.  They are enraged at my decision.  Why?  Why does what I choose not to eat make you so mad?  Is it because on some level you must reflect on what you are eating?  I just don’t see why something that is not affecting said person would make him or her so mad.  Although I don’t like it, I don’t get shout-y about your sad SAD (standard American diet).  So, because I cannot often put together a long enough retort to eloquently explain my decision, I thought this man, Phillip Wollen, can do it for me.  I think I might always walk around with my iPad so I can show people this video when they ask my why on earth would I be vegan…

Borrowed this from Scott Spitz’s blog over at Run Vegan, Thanks Scott!

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