Hard’ack Walking Dead…

by nomeatbarefeet

a few weeks ago, when I injured my toe, I did so because I took my eyes off the trail to look at some hikers coming my way. Today, on my first serious attempt back out on the hill, I was running behind Jon and asked if he would warn me if any serious roots or rocks were coming up. Then, I amended that statement.

“actually just tell me if you see any people with dogs, or hikers… please just tell me if there are walkers ahead”

“oh if there are walkers we are turning and running the other way”

“or we can just throw Carl at them, since he is never in the house anyways”

— a generous laugh from Jon…. “ahh Carl”

— several seconds later–

“actually Jon, I think we would do ok against walkers in here, they would trip and fall all the time”

— 5 minutes later–

“unless the walker is Shane, in that case it probably has a gun and knows how to use it, even though its a walker”

Why is Carl never in the house?

Look at Shane with his gun, and Carl getting in trouble in the background for not being in the house!

~run wild~

away from walkers!