Mystery Calf Injury = ????

by nomeatbarefeet

So last week I went out for a long run—about 3 hours. It was about 70% pavement and 30% trail, owing to fact that I had to run to the trail head. While sore afterwards I didn’t feel particularly drained. The next day Katie and I headed down to Boston to watch Liverpool FC take on AS Roma at Fenway. This involved 8 hours (total) of driving, lots of walking and then standing for almost 3 solid hours at the game. When I went to run the next day my calf cramped up so bad that I could barely walk on it. It felt like a golfball was stuck inside my calf.

I gave it heat; I gave it massage; I rolled it out; I tried some deep tissue essential oils; I even tried some kinesio tape.

After about 5 days I tried running—no go. Pain, pain, pain. Frustration. What I hadn’t thought of was that my family has a history of bloodclots. My mom reminded we of this and, seeing has how we are supposed to drive 6 hours to a wedding on Saturday and then drive to Albany for the Indian Ladder 15k on Sunday I should probably go get an ultrasound. ASAP.

With no primary care physician, and with Urgent Care not offering ultrasounds for walk-ins, I headed over the to St Albans ER. After a surprisinly short wait I was gooped up and ultrasounded (not a word?). The verdict? No bloodclots. Probably just have a bad muscle pull. (Any other hypotheses?) I hope that I can run this weekend, but at this point I am not holding out hope. I now  know what Katie has gone through with all of her injuries. Waiting. Frustration. Anxiety.

I feel like a bird that can’t fly. But I will be there to cheer Katie on no matter what. Sometimes you just have to take what is given to you; or, perhaps, in this case, what you probably gave to yourself.