Cross Training: My Soulmate Workout and a Serious Thank You

by nomeatbarefeet

This is Turbo Fire, more advanced sister of Turbo Jam and both are my go to cross training workouts.  Trail running is my passion but there are days where it is 90 degrees out (with humidity) and/or I just feel like something different, and this is what I turn to.  To explain this love affair let me take you back.

Between my sophomore and junior year of college I had put on the usual college weight, which was depressing in itself, and I also suffered from issues with my thyroid.  I had many nodules on both sides, but one large nodule on my right.  I had surgery to remove the right side of my thyroid.  I probably weighed in close to 185 at my heaviest.   With all the weight gained I felt nothing would help me take it off.  The following picture is not of me at my largest (few of those exist, but it gets the point across).

Then, leaving college my sister introduced me to this “silly, dance-y, kickboxing” kind of workout called Turbo Jam, she got after watching an infomercial.  I tried it, and was hooked.  Chalene Johnson is the creator of Turbo Jam, Turbo Kick, PiYo, Hip Hop Hustle, Chalene Extreme, and Turbo Fire.  She is incredibly silly, goofy, and a great dancer.  She is motivating with out being demeaning.  She makes you believe you can do it and you are worth it. Both Turbo Fire and Turbo Jam series come with cardio, weight training, core and yoga-esque videos.  They are effective because most importantly they are fun.  Leading up to my wedding in 2007 I religiously did Turbo Jam (I was not yet a runner).  About 2 years of serious Turbo Jam took me from 185ish to around 137 (what I weighed at my last Dr. apt right before my wedding, I will never forget that number after how large and unhealthy I was)
It is only since this wedding photo that I have been healthy enough to transform into a runner and trail runner (my new soul mate activity).  I owe my health and getting myself back to Turbo Jam and Chalene Johnson.  This brought me back…
Since our wedding Turbo Fire was created.  This is an activity one should undertake if already fit or after mastering the pace and intensity of Turbo Jam.  It is serious.  Jonnie and I still get winded after Turbo Fire HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions and we log serious trail miles on very technical trails with lots of vertical.  Turbo Fire is my cross training workout, but it is intense, if I am injured and cross training, I DO NOT attempt this… just to clarify.  So, on to the thank you part…
I cannot thank Chalene Johnson enough for creating this and distributing it to the masses.  It gave me myself back, and I am forever grateful.  It still kicks my butt and so I am currently grateful that it still challenges me.  If you follow Chalene on Twitter or Fb then you know she is pretty humble and would probably tell me that I am the one that did this… which I did, but I really truly know that a large part is because of her and my soulmate workout.  Turbo Jam/Fire enabled me to be a super fit trail runner, and I owe so much to this workout!!  Here I am today (pretty dang fit, and hitting up the trails with my boys)
Again, thank you so much Chalene Johnson and the Turbo Dynasty!!  I know so many people owe you thanks for your workouts and dedication to helping people believe in their athletic abilities!!  If anyone is wondering… I probably spent a total of $100+ on both Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire… but seriously I have like 30 different workouts between both.  And please, don’t pirate it, I know a lot of pirated videos are floating around pinterst now, but people worked really hard at making the videos, the least you can do is purchase them honestly, you won’t regret it and will get results if you do the workout.  A little send off with Chalene being Chalene, which is why I love her (this is what you can expect if you buy Hip Hop Hustle)….
~run wild~