It’s only stuff, but…

by nomeatbarefeet

STUFF. Things. Possessions.  Image. The newest. The nicest. The biggest.  STUFF. The minimalist qualities that I seek; less stuff, more relationships, less debt,  are more about freedom than they are  about anything else.

My friend Eric recently wrote this in a great post about Stuff on his blog, and it was ironically well timed because Katie and I just had our bikes stolen off our front porch. This is the second time we have had the same bikes vandalized—last times the jerks took both of our front wheels and both of our seats, costing us upwards of $200 each to get replacement parts. Now, the actual bikes have been stolen…


I understand that I am talking about Stuff. Things. Possessions. Eric shares our minimalist leanings, and our desire to rid our lives of the accumulation of more stuff. We embrace a minimalist life-style, as much as possible, so on the one hand losing stuff is not all that significant…

…but on the other hand, having it stolen from you—from right next to where you sleep—and having that done TWICE is not only upsetting, it smacks of how scummy and dirty-handed people can be. Why do people feel the need to steal? Obviously it is to get, to obtain, to have more; but just having those desires does not a thief make. To actually take something that does not belong to you (and here the taking involves probably multiple people and some bolt cutters kind since the bikes were lashed together with a chain) displays a really f’ed personality. What does it say that you have to sneak around and take things that which other people have worked to obtain?

I am trying to write this post without exploding into anger (because, as Eric rightly says, this is just stuff), but the people who did this are jerks…to be blunt, they are scummy assholes. I don’t wish injury on them…but I do wish realization and retribution. That people who steal will not only reap what they sow, but that they will hopefully come to see something in themselves that is rotten and scummy—and seek to remedy it.

I have heard it said that we just can’t own nice things anymore…now it turns out we just can’t own anything anymore. In the future I will keep nothing of importance or significance en plein air, and instead force myself to put everything under lock and key…keep it within the walls how our apartment.

Yes, it’s just stuff, but we worked for it, we bought it, and we will get rid of it if we don’t want it…we don’t need someone else’s help with that. Thanks anyways. Jerks. 🙂