Two Salomon Product Reviews

by nomeatbarefeet

I don’t have a review together for any of my winter gear (plus I am waiting for the snow to fly so that I can offer a real winter review). So for now I will put up a review of the only two Salomon products that I own because, well, they are both two of my favorite pieces of running gear. I was lucky enough to win the Salomon Trail Runner II Tech Shirt at the 2011 3.5 mile Great Adirondack Trail Run (actually, I have to thank Katie for picking it out for me!); and I purchased the Salomon Trail IV 3/4 Tights on sale at Runningwarehouse (not available anymore).

(As of 11/11, both products were still available at REI.)

Salomon Trail Runner II Tech Shirt

Race shirts aside, this might be one of the best running shirts I own. Regardless of the fact that I won it, the quality of this shirt is amazing. It is incredibly lightweight and breathable, making it great to wear during the summer; at the same time, I wore this under a coat during the Vermont 50k (in 40 degree weather) and it wicked away moisture amazily well. As there is not much to this shirt it will not keep in much heat (obviously). Coupled with a long sleeve shirt or a jacket, however, it can make a perfect cooler weather running shirt.

Price wise, this is an expensive shirt; I couldn’t believe that I won this as a giveaway! (Speaking of which, signup for the Great Adirondack Trail Run—their prizes are the best I have ever seen.) It is definitely something I would not have thought to buy. But, having said that, the quality is worth every penny. Salomon makes a damn fine shirt, and if this is the standard for the rest of their outerwear I can only hope to be able to own a long sleeve shirt or hoodie, let alone a jacket.

Salomon Trail IV 3/4 Tights

I had to use this picture because I love the hand-on-hip pose.

If you know me you know I love 3/4 length pants. I wear them to work (Starbucks) all the time, and I own a pair of Prana ones that I wear everywhere that isn’t work. (Katie has affectionately named those my “Brillo Pants” as the material is a resistant Scotch-guard product and for some reason Scotch-guard brings to mind Brillo—cute.)

I have wanted a pair of 3/4 length running tights for a while now—my legs tend to overheat from full length tights in cooler weather, but sometimes I would rather not wear shorts. Solution = 3/4 tights.

As far as tights go the material does not seem to be anything special. Salomon does claim a material that wicks moisture, dries quickly, and is extremely UV protective with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of 50+ (meaning that it blocks 97-99% of UV radiation). The tights a very comfortable, and movement never feels restricted. I ran the Vermont 50k in these as well and it was a super comfortable ride. I did not utilize it, but there is a zippered pocket in the back for a gel or keys (I do use it for keys on training runs).

These tights are super comfortable around my waist compared with other tights. Also, being a 3/4 length, the material ends just below the knees and I was concerned that there could be chaffing, or at the least an uncomfortableness about them. Not so: the material does not ride up, there is no chaffing, and the elasticity has held. They feel great.

Salomon has made another quality product. All in all these are a great addition to my cooler weather gear, and I would highly recommend them if someone is looking to try out a 3/4 length tight.

(Ok, funny story: on the 50k I was sandwiched between a group of women who all had on black tights. They made a comment about wearing black cause its slimming and I jokingly said, “Yeah, that’s why I wear it.” To this the woman ahead of me replied, “Well, you are really rockin’ those 3/4 tights.” That’s right I was! I’m not afraid to wear 3/4 length tights or pants, but I understand that many guys are. To that I say, come on—guys, get over your fear and give them a try. If nothing else you will have really cool calves…in so many ways.)