Bikram Yoga Update & A New Year Challenge!!

by nomeatbarefeet

I am going to do my best to update my progress & learnings as my yoga practice moves forward, and just yesterday, I realized I had something new worth sharing since my initial post.  As I am more than a month into my practice (I go 3-4 times a week) I have a good feel for most of the postures.  I am far from having the postures mastered, but am working on my breath during each posture, as well as proper alignment.  Both of these, breath and alignment, are of themselves post-worhty, but I wanted to talk today about stillness.

Beautiful Tree and Toe… I was able to balance in toe yesterday!

It is hard to be still when you are in a room of 105 degrees and sweating like mad.  When I first started I wiped my hands, face, and if I needed to grasp them for a pose, feet ALL THE TIME.  I would also take water between many postures.  I noticed that all the extra movement was braking my meditation and focus.  Yesterday, I tried to be still, as still as I could be between poses.  I only wiped my face once or twice to get sweat out of my eyes, and took water during natural pauses like moving from the balancing postures to the floor (don’t worry mom… I’m staying hydrated).  What I gained was a greater sense of focus, especially in the balancing series.  I also felt more peaceful than previous days, as I wasn’t nit-picky about wiping my face.  This stillness is something that I will continue to tweak and fine tune, but felt it did a world of good to my fledgling practice!!

Now… on to the new challenge.  Stay tuned the next couple of days.  Jon and I are rolling out a new one year challenge.  This blog was started when we ran a race (or more) a month in minimal shoes.  We have come up with an exciting new challenge that will test us in different ways than the first nomeatbarefeet year challenge.  This will be set to begin in 2013 as soon as we finalize our thoughts…. STAY TUNED…. and maybe you will want to join us… if not for a year then a week, or month(s)!