My 2013 Race Schedule (Jon)

by nomeatbarefeet

Sorry if any of you received this post with it unfinished. I have been having some issues with WordPress apropos of posts being saved as “published” rather than as “draft.” Hope those issues can be worked out soon.

As any runner knows, sitting down and writing up your race schedule is both a fun and tiresome affair. The possibilities are limitless, and in the moment you picture running any race, anywhere—but then you realize the price tag, the logistics of getting there, and finding a place to stay. All of these things can shrink your dreams of what races run. That being said, it is always fun and exciting to try a new race in a new location. It makes the race (and the running) all the more fun and interesting.

The problem with working up my schedule for this year is that I do not know where we will be living in the coming months. I am finishing up my degree in May and am applying for a number of jobs all over the country. So nailing down a set of races runs the risk of disappointment and losing the entrance fees should I get hired (which would be an even better scenario, let’s be honest)…

…but that did stop me from coming up with what I want to run this year.

  • Kaynor’s Sap 10k Run – While this is a (dirt) road race, it is a fun and challenging course. Ran it last year; it is a nice opener to the racing season.
  • Equinox Trail 10k – This was a fun, speedy, and muddy trail run. I think it will be run to try out my Spyridons on this course, as last year I ran in my Bikilas (which was like running on ice—no traction).
  • Great Adirondack Trail Run – You cannot register for this race until May 1, and last year the 11 mile race filled up in less than 2 hours. This year I am going to be on my game and call every couple minutes until I can get in! This was one of the most enjoyable races from last year: the course (at least the 3.5 mile one) is challenging; the people are lots of fun; and the post-race party is a blast with free beer.
  • Escarpment Trail Run – This is my “A” race for the year, and I am proud to say that my time from the Vermont 50k qualified me to apply. Unique application process, as you must send in a self addressed stamped envelope to get one sent out in May for the race in July.
  • Indian Ladder Trail Run – This race has become a tradition. Last year I was injured and could only run the 3.5 mile race. This year I hope to be fit enough to do both the 15k and the 3.5 mile.

And then there are the maybes:

Ok. That is the plan. Things can always change, and Lady Uncertainty is a dear-dear friend of ours, so we will keep all of you informed should any plans need to be altered.

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