Living Deliberately Project – Week 2

by nomeatbarefeet

This was week 2 of the Living Deliberately Project and it seems that reality is setting in for how our challenge is going to play out. It wasn’t that this week was difficult, per se, it is that we are slightly over the weekly expenditure (which is $20). Having to stop and get food on the way home from Holiday made things a bit skewed for this first month. This just means that we will have to be choosy for the rest of this month.

This week we used free movie passes to go see Les Miserables, and then spent $14 at Panera for dinner. This leaves us with 29 discretionary dollars for the rest of January.

Now, to be honest, we usually do not eat out that much–once a week is often too much. But one meal out, even if it is done for $6-$9 per person, means that we have, right there, basically spent out allotment for the week. Going forward we will have to be conscious (i.e., be deliberate) about when and how much we spend food. This might make eating a “nicer” meal a bit difficult, but that is what a challenge is all about.

One issue that has arisen is what to do with Jon’s tips from work. Depending on how many hours he puts in, he brings home anywhere from $50-$60 in tips a week. We completely forgot about this income when we hatched this idea, and now we are a bit stumped on what to do. Here is what we have decided to do:

  • We will use half to all to pay down debt. So, that means that through tips alone that would be $200 a month (aside from taxable income) that can go to paying off the credit card debt that we owe.

Finally, we had number of very positive responses to the challenge. Thanks to all of you who dropped us a line and said that you would give it a go. We would love to hear back about what works, what does, what was hard, and what was easy.



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