What to eat? Come on…

by nomeatbarefeet

(For all those Jason Schwartzman fans out there, this narration is for you.)

I work at a coffee shop, and inevitably I have conversations that involve “What do you eat?” While my journey with a plant-based diet was not all that daunting or difficult to embrace, I understand the reservation and suspicion that most people carry with them when confronted with the choice of giving up eating animal products. What people should understand, however, is that one need not jump in with both feet. There are lots of ways to broker eating less animal products. The obvious one is to simply dedicate one meal or one day a week as “animal-free.” Eating a plant-based diet has so many wonderful benefits, so why not give it a dabble? No using statistics or charts; no facts or figures or guilt trips. All that you need to think (to quote Timmy from South Park) is this: Come on. I mean, just, come on. Give it a try. Why not? Who knows—you might find that being a plant-based eater it is easier, more delicious, and more satisfying than you thought.