A Farewell to a Friend(ly Water Bottle)

by nomeatbarefeet

Goodbye, faithful Nalgenes.

Farewell, faithful Nalgenes.

We have both used Nalgene bottles since we were undergrads. We like to decorate them. It’s fun with flare. Katie’s one (on the left) is of particular significance since it lists all the 46 Adirondack High Peaks in descending order. As displaced New Yorkers the Adirondack’s have significance to both of us, and having the bottle has been a small visual token of what we love about them. Plus, Nalgenes are virtually indestructible and are handy to bring with you where ever your travels take you. Questions about plastic leeching into drinking water are always contentious; yet, we decided to try and rid our cupboards (and our bodies) of as much plastic as possible. That said, these old guys have served us well for quite a while now, but we have decided to retire them from primary use. They will still hang around the house, helping with odd jobs. But as our primary primary drinking vessels they have been retired in favor of glass water bottles from Lifefactory.

Thanks for all your hard work, old friends.