Living Deliberately Project – Week 3

by nomeatbarefeet

So ends Week 3 of the Living Deliberately Project…and this week was marked only by the purchase of a $5 batch of PBR and two tallies for $4…what? Eh, it’s cheap and nostalgic. Mmmm, the taste nostalgia.

That leaves us with (drumroll…) $20 spending dollars with a little over one week left in the month. Should be able to make it clean and clear this month.

This week showed us that you cannot be too picky about your alcohol…you have to save and scrimp for it, and cheap beer has showed back up on our radar. You cannot hate it.

We are spending this weekend in Watertown, NY seeing friends, so we will try and get the Recipe Sunday post up on time—which is supposed to demonstrate how to roll your own maki (i.e., sushi) rolls. If we cannot get it out by tomorrow it will be posted Monday.

Have a great weekend. Eat good food. Run some trails. Share some experiences with friends. Enjoy yourself.



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